Where are we now?

back home - end of trip!!

1 April: flight to Istanbul and Dusseldorf, then train to Emmerich, and car back home (total 24 hours "door to door", due to multiple delays at each and every airport and train station)
30 March; drive to Addis Abeba (8 hrs, plagued by flat tires, again)
29 March: drive to Kombolcha (9 hrs, plagued by flat tires)
28 March: drive to Mekele (5 hrs)
26 March: drive to Hamed Ela (5.5 hrs rough track)
25 March: drive to Dodom village (6 hrs), and walk up Erta Ale volcano
24 March: drive to Afreda, on the Afreda Lake
23 March: drive to Eli Dar salt lake and Dichioto, and back (3 hrs)
22 March: drive to Semera (1 hr)
21 March: drive to Assaita (9 hrs, including stops on the way)
20 March: drive to Awash (8 hrs, due to bird watch stops and flat tires)
19 March: drive to Aredo and back (5 hrs of bird watching), then to Awassa (5.5 hrs)
18 March: drive to Yabello (9 hrs)
17 March: drive to Kolcho and Dimeka, and back (8 hrs)
16 March: drive to Oromate and back (5 hrs), canoe to Desanach village and back
15 March: drive to Turmi, via Key Afar market (6 hrs)
14 March: drive back to Jinka (3 hrs)
13 March: drive to Mursi village (3 hrs)
12 March: drive to Jinka via Konso (8 hrs)
10 March: drive to Arba Minch via Hosaina (10 hrs)
08 March: flight from Jijiga to Addis Ababa (3 hrs, including delays)
07 March: back to Wajaale, in private taxi (2 hrs), then Jijiga by bus (2 hrs)
05 March: to Berbera and back, in private car (5 hrs return, plus side trips)
04 March: to Wajaale border post by bus (1.5 hrs), then to Hargeisa by shared taxi (2.5 hrs)
03 March: to Jijiga by minibus (1.5 hrs)
02 March: to Harar by minibus (1 hr)
01 March: (relatively) luxury bus to Dire Dawa (9 hrs)
28 Feb: to Addis Ababa by relatively comfortable bus (7.5 hrs)
27 Feb: bus to Bati and back (and part private vehicle) (2.5 hrs return), then to Dessie by minivan (30 min)
26 Feb: minivan to Senbete and back (4 hrs return)
24 Feb: bus from Mekele to Dessie (9 hrs), then minivan to Kombolcha (30 min)
22 Feb: by minivan from Wukro to Mekele (45 min)
20 Feb: by private car from Aksum to Wukro, visiting sites on the way (10 hours)
17 Feb: by plane from Lalibela to Aksum (30 min flight)
15 Feb: by three minivans and a local bus to Lalibela (9hrs)
14 Feb: up and down to Kosoye by hired minibus (2 hrs return)
14 Feb: by car back to Gondar (2 hrs)
12 Feb: by bus to Gorgora (1.5 hrs)
10 Feb: by minibus to Gondar (3 hrs)
7 Feb: by (relatively) luxury bus to Bahir Dar, at the shore of Lake Tana (10 hrs)
6 Feb: driven all over Addis Ababa to get police report authenticated: multiple taxis
2 Feb: by train to Dusseldorf, then flight via Frankfurt to Addis Ababa (a very long day!)


  1. Hi to you both. What a great trip lies ahead of you!I have just read the book called 'The Hospital by the River' - the biography of the Hamlins, an Australian/Kiwi husband and wife obstetrician/gynaecologist team who arrived on a posting to Addis Ababa in 1959, to teach midwifery. What they saw there led them to want to stay for their whole lives. The Hamlins worked for more than a decade to establish a womens fistula hospital, even through a military coup when most foreigners fled Ethiopia. Finally in 1974, the doctors opened the doors of the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital having bought and built on some land down by the river. It remains the only medical centre in the world dedicated exclusively to fistula repair - not a pleasant topic, but their efforts brought a cure to thousands of outcast women. It might be an interesting place to visit whilst you are there? Mrs Hamlin still lives on the hospital grounds in the house that she and her husband built. Take care and enjoy the trip! Suzanne M

  2. Thanks, Susan, for sharing this. We'll certainly try to get a copy of the book, I'll suspect we can get it in Addis Ababa. And if we have time, we may go and see the place - and then you'll read it here again! Take care,